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Getting Started

After installing you will select a username, an avatar and a free nation to play with.

Once you are in the Main Menu simply press New Game to start playing!

Quick Match will match you with a random opponent on any open map. If no match is found a new game will be created and you will go first.

Alternatively, the Custom Match button allows you to choose the map, your nation, and your opponent for a new game. We recommend trying out a map with a low complexity rating first (Boot Camp or Forest Dwellers) if you're new to the game.

From the Main Screen Menu, you can access your Settings to alter your username or change your avatar at any time, as well as audio and notification settings.

Map Types

There are two types of maps: Open & Historic. If you are new to the game, we recommend trying an Open Map with a 1-star complexity rating first.

    Open Maps

    Open scenarios are hypothetical mini worlds that start out with only a few units deployed per side. You can choose to be any nation on these maps, but your opponent must be a different nation.

    Historic Maps

    These scenarios represent actual WWII campaigns. The nations are predetermined for each map, so you must own at least one of the countries to play these maps. They're pre-deployed with enough armies and/or navies to put you in full battle action when you begin the game.

After choosing the map you want to play, you will choose your nation, and your opponent.


There are currently 16 nations available to play with. You pick one free nation after you install, and may purchase additional nations for ~$1 (exchange rates apply, this is the only place in the game that you may spend real life money). You can play unlimited AD FREE games with your free nation if you like.

Every nation has a unique set of units with various degrees of strengths and weaknesses. See the Units section for a breakdown of this information.


Wartime Cronies is a multiplayer-only game. There is no AI and no bots. You will be matched with a real human every time. When you set up a game you can decide if you want us to match you with a new person, or if you want to play with someone you've played with previously. If you have a friend who's username you know, you can search for them and invite them to play the game you've created. If you know someone you think would love to play this game, you can easily send them a quick hello and tell them about this game from the Share item in your Main Screen Menu.


When you are new to Wartime Cronies, you will notice dialogues that pop up with a brief decription of your selected item. They appear one time when you select something new for the first time. If you'd like to see that tool tip again on an item, select the item, and then press the help button from the top toolbar (see below for more about the toolbar). You can resume your game after you close the tool tip. (Note: These tooltips can be turned off from this dialog or on/off/reset globally from your Settings in the Main Screen Menu.)


The toolbar adds in-game functionality. Its buttons turn on & off according to their availability in any given circumstance. Here is a breakdown of what each button can do for you:

    Next Unit:

    You can use this button to toggle selection to the units on the map that still have the ability to move and/or attack.


    Cancels all units you have selected. (Pressing an unoccupied hex also cancels, but can sometimes result in an unwanted movement.)

    Scrap Unit:

    Allows you to scrap an unwanted unit and save on your maintenance cost per turn.

    Help (Tooltips):

    This button will display the tooltip for the selected hex, installation, and/or unit.

    Combat Results:

    Shows the damage report & units involved in your battles during that turn. This is very useful, as it will display any enemy planes involved -- even those that are in the fog of war.

    Stop Advancing:

    When you eliminate all enemy land units in a hex you may advance into that hex with any land units that participated in the attack. You will see a red arrow indicating a unit can advance. Sometimes you may decide not to, or only want to move certain units. Press this button when you have finished advancing so that you may continue playing your turn.

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Game Play

The objective of Wartime Cronies is to capture your opponent's Captial City. Here's some tips on basic game play:


Every map is divided into a grid of hexagons, called hexes for short.

Certain hexes contain installations, they can be captured by land units.


Select a unit and it's movement area will light up. Then press where you want to move that unit. You cannot undo. After moving and/or attacking, a unit cannot move or attack again until your next turn.

Unit Stacking

Stacking is when there is more than one unit on a hex. Each land hex on the map can hold two land units and between zero & three air units. A sea hex can hold up to five boats. When you select any hex, you will see the slot window at the bottom of your screen that indicates what units are on that hex, and how many units that hex can hold. You can also use these slots to select and deselect units on that hex. This is useful for moving (or attacking with) multiple units at the same time.


Some hexes on each map contain installations. In general, installations provide income at the end of the turn to the side that currently controls it (only airfields do not). Most installations also provide repair bonuses to friendly units that are on or next to it at the end of turn (this happens automatically, no need to do anything special).

Every installation has a size, from 1 to 5, which determines how much income it provides as well as extra stacking (for air and naval units) and the repair bonus it gives.

To capture an installation, simply walk over it with any land unit.

Note that the income that an installation gives is dependant on who controlled it originally (when the game started). If you capture an installation that was controlled by your opponent you will only receive 25% of the income that it would otherwise provide to the original owner. If no one controlled the installation when the game started then it provides full income value to whomever controls it at the end of a turn.

Here is a breakdown of the installation types:

    Capital City

    Every map has a capital city for each side, take the enemy capital to win the game!. Otherwise Capital Cities are just like normal cities.


    Cities are the most important installations in the game. Most cities contain factories which you use to build new units and receive reinforcements. They also provide most of your income. Every city contains an inherent airfield in it, as well as a port if it is on a coast.

    Land and naval units on or next to one of your cities, and air units in one of your cities, will receive a repair bonus at the end of your turn.


    Villages provide a small repair bonuses to land units that are on or next to them at the end of a turn, as well as a small income bonus every turn that you control them.


    Airfields allow extra stacking of airplanes in a hex as well as a defense bonus for your planes when they are attacked by enemy airplanes on the airfield. They provide no income.

    Air units in one of your airfields receive a repair bonus at the end of your turn.


    Ports have no factories for building units, but they can harbor sea units. Every port is also considered to contain an inherent Airbase. Ports also provide a small income bonus at the end of the turn. Placing a naval unit inside or next to a port that you control is the only way to repair a damaged ship.


Land and Sea units must move next to an enemy unit in order to attack it. Planes may attack other planes from afar, but are generally used by adding them to an existing land or sea attack. When an enemy unit can be attacked, you will see a target on top of it. Press that target and see if there are any other units that can be added into this attack. Once you are ready, press the red target. All the units involved, including all enemy intercept planes (that may or may not be in fog), will battle it out. To see the results of the combat, press the combat button in the toolbar at the top of your screen.


When you annhilate all units on a hex you may advance forward an extra hex. However, a breakthrough means you can advance one extra hex with a tank, SPA, AG, or Mechanised unit that initiated the attack. A Motorised unit can join the breakthrough if it was performed by any of those units previously listed. This can be advantageous, but beware you don't find one unit too far ahead -- alone & vulnerable.


Don't forget to add units to your Production Queues every turn. To access the production window, select a city or capital city, and press the city icon in the slot window You can toggle all your cities via the production window. You will pay for units with your virtual money one time when you buy a unit, even though it may take between 2 and 5 turns for that unit to build. If you change your mind, you can cancel a unit build by pressing it in the unit queue. If this is done on the same turn that you bought the unit, you will be reimbursed the cost of that unit. When you have units ready to deploy you will see a blinking arrow on the corresponding city at the beginning of your turn. Press it to place your new reinforcements on the map.


Every unit has a maitenance cost per turn. To check a unit's maitenance cost, long press the unit on the map. If you press your money at the top right of your screen, you will see a dialog that explains how much money you gain per turn, and how much you are spending on maitenance. Scrapping a unit a unit will rid you of its maitenance cost. (See the toolbar section in the getting started chapter above.)

Ending your Turn

Don't forget to End Your Turn!!! To do so, press the pulldown menu tab, and select END TURN. Your opponent will be sent a notification that it is now their turn. Also notice that you receive income and repair at the end of every turn.

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While different nations have different strengths, below is a basic overview of the different unit types and how they relate to one another.


Infantry are the standard unit and the workhorse of your army. Because they build fast and are inexpensive, you can use them to quickly build an army, hold a defensive line, and take losses in attacks.

Elite Forces Division

These are stronger infantry that are also better at amphibious invasions. Each nation that has an EFD will have a special strength unique to that unit type. See the Nations Section for more specific unit advantages.

    Mountain Infantry: Yugoslavia

    Have special attack abilities in the mountains

    SNLF: Japan

    Special Navy Landing Forces. These guys are great at an amphibious invasion.

    Royal Marines: United Kingdom

    Also very good at amphibious invasions.

    Jungle Infantry: Australia

    Fight and move better in the jungle then normal infantry units.

    Chindits: India

    Special Forces that are good at attacking in difficult terrain.

    Marines: United States

    Strong infantry units that are especially good at amphibious invasions.

    Ski Troops: Finland

    Strong infantry units that can also move faster than any other infantry through snow.

Motorised Infantry

These are fast moving infantry units. They are generally a little stronger but fare better in clear or desert terrain. If a tank performs a breakthrough, motorised units can join in to advance an extra hex.

Mechanised Infantry

These fast moving infantry are lightly armored for better protection than motorised, and can also perform breakthroughs. They also perform better in clear or desert terrain.


There are 3 types of tanks: Light, Medium, & Heavy. Tanks are the most powerful land unit, with great offense and defense. Use them to attack and perform breakthroughs. Their bonuses are especially powerful in clear and desert terrain.

Self Propelled Artillery

SPA's Are powerful against land units and don't suffer as much penalties as other land units when attacking in difficult terrain.

Assault Gun

Assault guns are powerful against land units and don't suffer as much penalties as other land units when attacking in difficult terrain.

Soviet Shock Army

A powerful and mobile artillery, that's good against tanks, infantry and any other land unit. Somewhat vulnerable, try to keep them stacked with another land unit.


Fighter planes are your most important air unit, as they are great at attacking and defending against other planes. Add them to a land attack and increase your strength, as well as protect from any enemy planes. Your land fighter is the more powerful of the two fighters, but the carrier fighter can also be effective on land.


Great at attacking land units and ships, bombers can do some real damage. Be sure you have them protected with fighters, or they will quickly be worn down or destroyed by enemy fighters.

*** Your Fighters and Bombers will intercept enemy attacks when it's not your turn, unless their health is less than 50%.

Aircraft Carrier

Your Aircraft Carrier is a crucial warship for big naval campaigns. Load each one with up to 2 carrier planes, and be sure to protect your carrier with a fleet.


The most powerful ship in the game, can be used effectively to attack other ships next to them, provide strong anti air protection for a fleet as well as strong bombardment support for land attacks.

Light Cruisers

These are fast escort ships that can absorb damage in a larger fleet as well as provide some firepower to naval combats. They may be the best ship to attack an enemy submarine with.

Transport Boats

Each transport boat can carry up to 2 land units at a time. Use them to ferry troops across the seas. They are very vulnerable when left alone so be careful to provide escort when in dangerous waters.


Submarines are cheap but slow ships that stay hidden from the enemy until discovered (only happens when an enemy ship moves next your submarine or when you use the submarine to attack an enemy ship). When used for attacking, they can attack the enemy before the enemy gets a chance to fire back.

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Nations represent the side you play when you play a game (in a given map).

Each nation in the game has units unique to that country, as well as some special bonuses attacking and/or defending.

Following is a list of the nations currently available in Wartime Cronies, along with a brief description of some of the bonuses that their units receive:


All Australian land units receive bonuses when attacking in Desert terrain, and their Elite Forces infantry are especially good in Jungle.


Brazilian infantry have attack bonuses in the Jungle. They also get the P-47 Fighter with bonuses supporting land attacks, and their bombers are especially good at attacking enemy ships.


Canadian infantry have better attack and defense bonuses than most.


Chinese infantry and motorized units are weaker in attack and defense than other countries but are very cheap to produce and maintain.


German land units are the most powerful in the game, in attack and defense but also cost more to produce and maintain than any others. Germany can also build submarines (u-boats) cheaper than other nations though they are more vulnerable to attack. The German battleship Bismark also produces faster but is somewhat weaker than other battleships.


Egypt's land and air units receive attack bonuses in Desert terrain.


Finland has the unique ski troops as their Elite Forces Division; these troops move faster than regular infantry in Snow and also have attack bonuses in Forest, though perform slightly below normal in Clear and Desert terrain.


French infantry are somewhat weaker on the defense though cost less to produce. Their artillery are more powerful than others when attacking and they have the Char B1 heavy tank which is cheaper and produces faster than usual. As well, their battleship Richelieu is armed with better than average anti-air.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has infantry that are especially good on the defense and has a cheaper than average front line fighter (Spitfire) also with a defense bonus. As well, most of their naval units are slightly cheaper while their light cruisers and bombers are especially good at attacking enemy submarines. Finally, their land bomber is cheaper than normal.


Hungary's tanks and assault gun have attack bonuses in Mountain terrain.


All Indian units perform especially well attacking in Jungle terrain.


All Italian land and air units have bonuses attacking in the desert, though her land units perform somewhat less than average in other terrains, but are cheaper to produce. As well, Italy's fighters offer better than average support to land attacks and her bombers are especially good at attacking enemy ships. Finally, Italy can produce battleships and light cruisers cheaper than average.


Japanese carrier planes are cheaper than most and are superior at attacking enemy ships, though somewhat weaker on defense. All Japanase land units are better than average when attacking in Jungle terrain, and the Japanese have the most powerful sea unit in the game, the battleship Yamato.

Soviet Union

Soviet infantry and motorised units are somewhat under average in defense and attack but are balanced out by being cheaper to produce. They also have the T-34 tank which is an excellent medium tank and is somewhat cheaper than average to produce. Soviet fighters are a little below average in attack and defense but their bombers are better and the land bomber is especially cheap to produce. At sea, the Soviet Union is at a slight disadvantage in that it's battleship is not quite as strong as other nations'.

United States

The United States is able to build tanks (the Sherman) and motorized divisions cheaper than other nations, though the attack and defense of the Sherman is somewhat lower than average. It also possesses the best fighter in the game, the P51 Mustang, and bombers that are better than average against enemy ships. Finally, the Essex class aircraft carriers are slightly harder to sink than other carriers.


Yugoslavian infantry and elite infantry are the best infantry in the game for attacking in Mountain and in Forest terrain.

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Terrains & Features

There are technically 10 different terrain types in the game. Here is an overview ..


    Clear terrain is the default green landscape. All land and air units perform normally on this type of terrain.


    Desert terrain is much like clear terrain; however, tanks, motorized and airplanes perform slightly better when attacking in desert, so it is a little harder to defend.


    Snow is like clear terrain except that Finnish ski troops move faster.


    Forest terrain slows down your land units, and offers a better defense to your armies as well as making bombers less effective.


    Jungle terrain is especially hard to attack into and also greatly reduces the effectiveness of bombers. Tanks and motorized units suffer even greater attacking penalties.


    Swampy marsh terrain offers slightly better defense and greatly reduces the attack ability of tanks and motorized units. Bombers are also somewhat reduced in effectiveness.


    Mountain terrain is a great place to defend, especially against tanks and motorized. Bombers have slightly reduced attacking as well. Artillery units don't suffer quite as much penalties attacking in mountains as other land units do.

    Desert Mountain

    Desert Mountain terrain is like normal mountain terrain but with a little less attacking penalties.

    Snowy Mountain

    Snow Mountain is like mountain terrain except that Finnish ski troops can be a little faster moving through it.


    Sea terrain is open ocean or lakes that only ships can enter. To move armies along sea you need to put them on a transport ship first.

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Ranking, Points, & Trophy System

Player rankings are listed in order of points accumulated. Points are accumulated in the following fashion:

+1 to +3 *
-1 or 0 **

    * Losing a game gives you 1-3 points depending on how many turns were played compared to the average number of turns to win the map.

    ** Surrendering results in either 0 points or -1 points, depending on what turn you surrendered compared to the average number of turns it takes to win that map.


    A standard victory whereby the game ends when a player’s capital is captured. The winner always receives 5 points and the losing player receives points according to how long they held out compared to the average number of turns to win that map.


    A player surrenders the game. The player who surrenders may be penalized with -1 points while the other player is considered to have won the game and receives 5 points.


    A player drops the game after 48 hours or more of no response from their opponent. Neither player receives any points when a game is dropped.


    Games that have not had a turn played in 7 days will expire automatically. If each side played at least one turn in the game then the last player to have played a turn is considered the winner, otherwise no winner is assigned.


You have the chance to earn National Medals (Trophies) in the game. Trophies are displayed in the game in the Trophy Room, accessible from the Rankings screen. Each nation has a national trophy which you earn by winning 10 games playing as that nation. When you receive the trophy you also receive 100 bonus points towards your rankings.

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Game Management


The Rules for dropping a game are:

    • You cannot drop a game if the game is over (duh !)
    • You can always drop a game that no one has joined yet.

Otherwise you can drop a game when:

    It's not your turn and either:
    • your opponent has not played their first turn
    • it's been 48 hours since they last played a turn

Game Limits

Game limits apply to how many active (non completed) games you can have at a time. When you reach your game limit then you are not able to create a new game (Quick Match or Custom Match), however you can still be invited to (and accept invitations to) new games created by other players.

A player’s game limit is 5 games per nation that the player currently owns. This is a total value, that can be used across any combination of nations that the player owns.

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