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After Report

Let us know what you'd like to see implemented.
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After Report

Postby RealJose » 25 Nov 2017 05:47

After every match we should recieve a after report of the battle such as casualties, and a data report.
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Re: After Report

Postby Adder » 27 Nov 2017 20:15

Seconded - I'd also like to see a win/loss ratio with my opponent before/during a match, instead of only at the conclusion.

*** An update is soooooorely needed ! Registered player base is approaching 30K here and the core players would appreciate at the very least, some new maps!

You could inject new life by also incorporating hero generals to boost certain stats or with a special ability.

Perhaps a basic research/upgrade system for each nation would also add a fun layer without having to add new unit types ?

And finally, because I'm sure it's never ever been brought up, by anyone, ever....... Can we have some new maps ?!?!?! ***


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