Frequently Asked Questions

Check here to see if we may have already answered any questions you may have. If not, feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to answer.

Is there going to be an AI?

Though it may come about one day, there are no current plans to develop an AI. The game was designed specifically to concentrate on the rewards of playing against an actual living opponent at your own pace, nothing compares !

I am not receiving notifications, why not?:

Some users have reported they are not receiving notifications. We are currently trying to track down the reason for this so we can provide a fix. If you send us a message through our contact page, including your phone model and android version, as well as you Wartime Cronies user name, then that may help us track down the issue. Note that some users that have reported this issue have informed us that they are in fact receiving them after all, just not always immediately.

Why does the app want to access permissions on my phone?

In order to check licensing with google, and be able to allow you to use the game with the same account across multiple devices, we have to use the Identity permission. We do not read or store your identity in any way except a unique ID that is provided by Google and associated to your Google account, it contains no personal information and is just a UUID.

For the other permissions, it's the same, they allow us to do things we are not interested in, but we only use functionality that is directly related to making the game work, for example in order to write a cache file for games we have to use the photo/media/files permission, which we only use for that one purpose, writing and reading game cache files, nothing else. To sum up, with all permissions we access nothing personal, ever.

I keep accidentally moving units, how can I stop doing this?

When you select a unit, it's active -- you will not be prompted to approve it's next move, and there is no un-do. So, in order to UNselect that unit there are 3 possibilities.

    • press the unit again to unselect it
    • press anywhere outside its move range (can be dangerous if done hastily and result in an accidental move)
    • use the Cancel button in the tool bar at the top of your screen. It's an orange circle with a line through it. It will unselect all selected units

Is there an iOS version?

Currently this game is for Android only. We will announce it if plans change.